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Nick has been a part of Kubrick since its inception, working to expand and develop our client relationships. He has overseen and maintained our partnerships with organisations in all industries with a deep understanding of their biggest challenges and a passion for facilitating largescale transformation.

Nick has an extensive background in technology consultancy, beginning in 2008. He has worked with businesses across sectors, with a particular focus on financial services, retail, oil & gas, and telecommunications. He has a longstanding interest in the data, AI, and cloud space as it shapes the future of organisations and our economy, and he recognises the pain points both specific to and universal within our clients.

As a member of the leadership team, Nick has been an integral part of Kubrick’s expansion in our mission and practices. His clear and effective communication with his clients has built a partnership of mutual support. We are able to evolve our services to meet their needs and create a workforce capable of delivery sustainable solutions for longevity of change.

Kubrick has always been ahead of its time. We have a model of working which builds a workforce with capabilities that benefit all – consultants, clients, and technology partners together.Nick Allen, Partner - Head of Global Client Acquisition and Growth