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We worked with Lloyds Banking Group in a strategic partnership to provide quality consultants who champion technology, forward-thinking, and diversity.

How we impacted Lloyds Banking Group’s skill and capabilities

Lloyds Banking Group utilised Kubrick to access a large volume of highly skilled professionals who could deliver in both technical ability and business-forward approach.





Conversion to FTE


KubrickLloyds Banking Group

The challenge

Lloyds Banking Group wanted to build a foundation of technical skill across teams to support large-scale technological transformation. They needed to source a large volume of highly skilled professionals without incurring the cost and risk of continual reliance on large consultancies to address their immediate and widening skills gap. Their long-term vision for transformation demanded a cultural investment in longevity which traditional third-party methods do not include in their design.


The solution

Kubrick’s unique model provided Lloyds Banking Group with the resource they required for long-term, sustainable solutions without the cost or risk of a short-term mentality. Kubrick consultants embedded across data, technology, and business teams to deliver both technically advanced and business-centred products, systems, and governance policy to support transformation. They were able to solidify and improve their capabilities in data, AI, and cloud by converting Kubrick staff to permanent employees in order to retain skill, IP, and promote long-term cultural change throughout their teams.


The results

Lloyds Banking Group included Kubrick in their transformation strategy to inject skill across the business at a speed, quality, and price with which other consultancies and contractors could not compete. Kubrick’s revolutionary approach to selecting and training the brightest young professionals from a range of diverse backgrounds and experiences ensured consultants were the best fit for their role and could add value with rapid onboarding. 100% of the consultants who have finished their development period with Kubrick have converted to permanent employees at Lloyds Banking Group to continue their journey towards transformation.

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