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Stella joined Kubrick in 2016 as one of its first members of staff. She has been responsible for ensuring Kubrick can meet its strategic goals and transform to achieve our continually ambitious plans for expansion.

Stella has spent the majority of her career growing young companies' operations to transform their capabilities and push businesses forward. Before Kubrick, she worked with a number of small organizations, as well as on largescale and international operations. In her roles at Viber, she worked to establish and streamline offices and operations around the world.  

Since joining Kubrick, Stella has been involved in the evolution of every part of our business. She believes the world needs more doers who are willing to take calculated risk to be successful and less procrastinators who are waiting for success to happen to them. She is a champion of our mission to create the workforce of the future by focusing on next generation technologies, unmatched quality, and diversity; it is a vision upon which she sets her sights in all her endeavours.

Stella's focus now lies on managing our international expansion, driving system upgrades, and increasing access to management information to embed quality, data-driven decision-making capability as the business scales internationally. Amongst a host of operational departments, Stella oversees Kubrick’s PMO function, allowing fast and focused change management across the business.

Quality is what lies at the heart of Kubrick, and that is visible everywhere.Stella Zuegel, Head of Strategy and Operations