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Martin joined Kubrick in March 2021 in order to shape and deliver our Cloud Engineering training syllabus. He relishes the opportunity to train the next wave of Cloud Engineers, sharing his expertise in integrating cloud and on-premise solutions. He utilises his experience in both the public and private sector to demonstrate the operational benefits of supportable and maintainable systems, whilst harnessing his specialization in DevOps and Application Lifecycle Management to train consultants to rationalise business processes and deliver products with high impact.

In his 25 years of development and systems experience, Martin has worked in a variety of roles with numerous high-profile clients, including the European Space Agency as part of the Galileo Programme, as an ALM Solution Architect with ASOS, as a Cloud Transformation Consultant with AXA Insurance, and most recently as a consultant for Ordnance Survey on their big data transformation and migration from on-premise to Azure. Martin has also worked with Deutsche Bank as part of their Azure transformation, as well as several companies in the Oil & Gas sector whilst working for a world-leading sub-sea positioning company.

Watching how the cloud has transformed the shape of businesses, providing a freedom of opportunity and scaling which could never be achieved internally, has been a fascinating journey for Martin. His work on mission critical and environmental systems has taught him the importance of both stable and repeatable systems and has emphasised the importance of maintaining a quality product and reducing the risk of poor practices becoming the default.

“Don't keep your knowledge secret. Instead, share with your peers. You'll be surprised by how they develop it in ways you never thought.”Martin Palmer, Head of Cloud Engineering