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Albert joined Kubrick in October 2018 to establish Kubrick’s AI capabilities. He combines his industry experience with academic excellence to curate and deliver training programs in machine learning, AI, and data science which are cutting-edge and business-forward. He is passionate about Kubrick’s mission to help graduates and young professionals gain the skills which will equip them for impactful and long-lasting careers.

Prior to joining Kubrick, Albert’s varied experience in data science and technology included a particular focus on financial services. In his previous role as a quantitative analyst at Barclays Investment Bank, he specialized in building macroeconomic and time series models to forecast interest rates and portfolio balances. He has also held roles in algorithmic trading and software engineering. Albert possesses bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Engineering and master’s degrees in Mathematical Science and Applied Finance.

Albert is incredibly excited by the possibilities of AI and machine learning for improving decision-making, efficiency of process, and solving real-life problems. The rate of progress with machine learning is incredibly fast, providing the basis for an ever-evolving syllabus for Kubrick’s training programs. He has curated and delivers a program which balances theoretical and domain knowledge in statistics and probability, SQL, Python, and AI capabilities with business challenges across all industries to ensure our consultants can adapt to changing tools and technologies.

The field of AI is complex, and applications are numerous, making the subject a joy to teach.Albert Tran, Head of AI