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We believe the greatest data and technology challenges of today can't be solved with carbon copy consultants or homogeneous thought.

At Kubrick, we actively seek and develop smart, passionate individuals from a breadth of backgrounds to bring businesses a fresh approach, realizing the potential of data and next-generation technology.

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Meet the team

Meet the people responsible for driving change across the business and ensuring its continued growth and success, plus our in-house team of trainers who give consultants the skills and knowledge they need to enable our clients to transform.

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Our core values

Our five core values sit at the heart of everything we do…

Core Values Innovation

Innovation over complacency

We take pride in being market disruptors, not followers. We’re curious, always open to new ideas, and never shy away from making mistakes; each mistake leads to a lesson learned, which takes you one step closer to a better solution.

Core Values Adaptability

Adaptability over inflexibility

The technology landscape is always changing and so are the needs of our clients. We are agile in our working, ways of thinking, and approach to the future of data and technology.

Core Values Collaboration

Collaboration over isolation

We believe in working together rather than in isolation and acting with humility over arrogance. Every person at Kubrick can create something great, but together we can build something incredible.

Core Values Diversity

Diversity over homogeneity

We respect the differences in others and understand the importance of diverse thoughts, experiences, backgrounds and perspectives when formulating new ideas and creating solutions. We believe in creating equal opportunities for all and pushing against barriers that have existed for too long.

Core Values Evidence

Evidence over bias

We know better evidence leads to better insight. We champion data and technology-driven decision-making and always examine processes with a critical eye to uncover and eliminate the biases which prevent businesses and people from unleashing their potential.

Team our culture

Our culture

We're a fast-growing, agile organization that values hard work, collaboration, and innovation. We've evolved and expanded our specialisms to meet and anticipate the demands of tomorrow. We support one another, recognize achievements, celebrate the differences in others, encourage open communication, and are committed to giving our people the best tools to thrive.

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