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Discover how Kubrick is creating a workforce equipped with today's most sought-after skills

We run virtual and on-site* lab tours so you can meet our consultants and the experts who are training them

Learn how we shape our practices to anticipate the ever-changing technology landscape, including the tools and technologies we specialize in. You'll also hear abut the types of projects our consultants have completed both in the Training Lab and onsite. You're welcome to ask any questions to our consultants and training team to help you understand how Kubrick can support in your business' transformation goals.

Get to know our consultants and their capabilities, and the trainers who deliver our industry-leading programs.

Join our consultants in the Training Lab to learn about their projects and the experiences that have shaped their passion for technology. Explore the evolution of our programs and the industry expertise of the trainers who shape them.

Consultants lab tour
Virtual lab tour

Discuss your business problems and explore the Kubrick mindset.

Take a deep-dive into our training syllabus, principles, and business-focused approach to understand how Kubrick consultants can help solve your biggest challenges.

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Hear from our clients and their challenges we helped solve

Learn about our partnerships with organisations in all industries to help them transform and embrace next-generation technology.

Case study

We helped Shell advance their digital transformation without the cost and risk of third-party contractors and systems integrators. They utilised Kubrick to bridge their widening skills gap, build their future workforce, and retain IP.

Case study

We supported with Vodafone amidst a largescale transformation by providing flexible and cost-effective solutions to their biggest challenges.


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Case study

MS Amlin used a blended squad of our experienced inhouse consultants and our onsite junior consultants for extremely cost-effective project delivery with skill and IP they could keep.

MS Amlin

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