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We joined with AstraZeneca in a strategic partnership in order to futureproof their capability for immense transformation.

How we impacted AstraZeneca’s organisational transformation

AstraZeneca utilised Kubrick to access a large volume of highly skilled professionals whilst futureproofing their capabilities with cutting-edge technology.



Female consultants


Conversion to FTE



The challenge

AstraZeneca were embarking on a largescale transformation to drive efficiency and stay ahead of the curve. They required an alternative to the short-term and costly approach of traditional consultancies in order to fulfil their ambitions with sustainable solutions, but they struggled to bridge the skills gap in their permanent workforce as their plans demanded capabilities in the most sought-after disciplines across data, AI, and cloud technologies.


The solution

Kubrick was selected by AstraZeneca to rapidly scale their data and technology teams by supplying highly skilled consultants in data engineering, data management, data product delivery, and machine learning engineering that they could transfer to their permanent workforce. By building a future workforce that prioritised diversity and innovation, they found surety in both the longevity of their transformation and the immediate capabilities of their teams to deliver powerful tools and systems.


The results

Our range of specialist practices provided capabilities in the large scope of requirements across the business; Kubrick consultants designed and bolstered essential data functions to protect and drive the foundations of the organisation, as well as delivered cutting-edge products in AI for rapid insights which put AstraZeneca ahead of the competition. As a strategic partner, Kubrick were able to onboard over 50 consultants to meet their growing demand whilst ensuring diversity was at the heart of their team.

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