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Our training agreement

As we make a substantial upfront investment in accelerating your career, we have an agreement in place that you spend 2 years after your training programme working with us and our clients, where you will gain exposure to a range of exciting projects whilst continuing to develop your technical and professional skills.

In the event any consultant is unable to complete their 15-week training programme or 2 years of client engagements, we reserve the right to reclaim the cost of the training provided. The amount you are expected to repay is based on length of time since training. For instance, if you leave 6 months after finishing training, the repayment is 100% of the total cost of training, 80% after 6-12 months, 60% after 12-18 months, and 40% after 18-24 months.

The training cost takes account your salary during the 15 weeks of training, the length of our training, cost of our experienced and highly-qualified team of trainers with 16 years + average experience, and infrastructure to support you during training and while on client placement. We would simply be unable to continue operating in our business model where you are paid solely to train for 15 weeks if we did not have such an agreement in place.

However, we understand that people leave training programmes for a wide variety of reasons, and we carefully assess every individuals’ circumstances before deciding whether or not to ask them to pay a portion of the costs related to the 15-weeks training they received. We also have 2-week “cooling off” period in our employment contracts, meaning that if you were to leave within the first 2 weeks of training you will not required to repay any of the training agreement costs.

We are fully transparent about our model and training agreement and will ask you to read a clearly explained FAQ sheet and sign the agreement prior to joining to ensure you have all the knowledge and information required before deciding.

We understand our model may not be for everyone so please consider this carefully before applying to join Kubrick.

Expert-led, salaried training

By joining Kubrick, you will receive 15 weeks of salaried training in the latest tools and technologies relevant to your chosen practice area. This training is designed and taught exclusively by our team of industry professionals, each with an average of 16+ years’ experience, and delivered in our own training methodology. During the 15 weeks, you will also be trained across a variety of professional skills such as stakeholder engagement, presenting, communicating with others - all skills that are required by data and technology consultants across industries.

You will not be expected to focus on anything but the training throughout the 15 weeks, meaning you can commit yourself fully to the materials at hand without any distractions. You will also be taught alongside other consultants who are new to the world of technology and will be assigned to a scrum team who you will work closely with on projects throughout the 15 weeks.

You will be given the opportunity to apply what you have learnt to a real-world project before beginning your client assignments, which will help build your confidence and further cement your understanding. We also provide all of the necessary IT equipment from day one of training to ensure you can upskill effectively.

Exposure to real-world client projects

Once trained, you will be assigned to a leading organisation where you will apply the technical and professional skills learnt in training to data and technology challenges for a period of 2 years. The first-hand exposure you will gain on site will develop your skill-set even further, and strengthen your understanding of data and technology. You will also be exposed to ongoing development resources throughout the 2 years including accreditations from leading tech partners such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Collibra, Alteryx, and more, which are paid for by Kubrick and will enable you to become an expert in an area of your choosing. This blend of expert-led, salaried training, exposure to leading organisations and challenges, and ongoing development opportunities will rapidly accelerate your career and make you a sought-after candidate across all industries.

In addition to ongoing development, you will be supported by our dedicated Consultant Success team throughout the 2 years. They will help you transition from training to client projects, and provide ongoing professional and pastoral guidance for the duration of your client projects. All of our Consultant Success Managers have received mental health first aid training and are committed to ensuring you are looked after and your voice is heard.

Post year-2 options

Our model is unique in the consulting industry because after 2 years on client engagements, you have the option to join your client’s workforce as a permanent member of staff and stay connected to us through our ever-expanding alumni network. There are numerous benefits to joining your client organisation after the 2 years, such as retaining the in-house skills and knowledge obtained, maintaining connections, and progressing into a senior position within a short amount of time. This option is supported and encouraged by Kubrick, and over 60% of our consultants have decided to pursue this route since we launched in 2016.

However, you may wish to continue consulting after the 2 years rather than joining a company on a permanent basis and can do so as a third year Kubrick consultant. In this role, you will work on shorter-term projects which are far more reflective of a traditional consultancy. This option would suit anyone that's interested in building their skill-set horizontally rather than vertically, and wishes to expand their skills and understanding across a multitude of technologies and industries.

You may also decide to join our Kubrick Advanced team, in which you will lead a team of Kubrick consultants within a client organisation. Working in Kubrick Advanced is an opportunity to partner with our clients on high impact engagements and gain experience leading and managing a technology team.

Alternatively, you can return to Kubrick after the 2 years as an Associate Principal and support the Principal Consultants throughout the 15 weeks of training, delivering sessions to consultants and providing additional support and guidance. You will also play a key role in developing training materials as you build your skills and understanding in a particular area. This option would suit anyone that's interested in becoming an industry expert in a particular area, having worked across a variety of tools and technologies throughout the previous 2 years.

If you decide to remain with Kubrick after the 2 years rather than joining your client or leaving completely and exploring the wider market, you will continue to receive ongoing development opportunities plus access to accreditations which are paid for by Kubrick.

If you decide to leave completely and explore the wider market, you will earn on average £55-65,000 however there are some instances where consultants earn more than this. Having Kubrick on your CV is a true stamp on quality and will open doors to numerous organisations and industries.

Benefits of Kubrick over a Master's or Boot Camp

Upon joining Kubrick, you will earn a monthly salary which will increase to £33,000 as soon as you begin your first client project and £34,000 as you move into the second half of the year. Your salary will rise again to £42,500 in the first half of the second year, and £45,000 in the second half of the year. If you decide to remain with us after 2 years, your salary will increase to £58,000 by the end of that year. This means your salary could increase by £25,000 in less than 3 years, making it a lucrative career choice for any graduate or junior professional.

By joining Kubrick, you will be in a far better financial position after two years than you would be if you chose to pursue a Masters or a Boot Camp. We not only cover the full cost of training but give you a monthly salary from day one and provide all equipment, compared to the above options which require you to pay tuition fees, sometimes living expenses, and provide your own equipment. Your salary will also increase in years one and two, and you will have access to ongoing development opportunities which are paid for by Kubrick. In comparison, there is no guarantee of a position at the end of a Master's or Boot Camp, meaning you are likely to spend time looking for a job without receiving any income.