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John joined Kubrick in 2019 as the Principal Consultant in Data Analytics and SME in Alteryx and Tableau. Alongside delivering our industry-leading training, he continues to advance his own skills and update the syllabi to ensure Kubrick consultants can meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. His expertise is integral to Kubrick’s success beyond the training lab as he manages our internal reporting platform, putting data-driven decision making at the heart of our organisation.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Finance, John worked for a series of large international consulting companies, where he specialised in frontend data engineering, data analytics, data visualisation, and business intelligence software tools. He gained extensive experience in the application of data and technology in all business functions and across industries, including retail, government entities, telecommunications, financial services, and infrastructure. His management and delivery of international projects has helped to shape his training courses with an emphasis on a business-focused, agile approach.

John is especially passionate about the culture shift within businesses to self-service analytics. He works with consultants in training, onsite, and with clients to empower the end user to make critical decisions by interrogating their ever-increasing wealth of data assets. He has a particular interest in harnessing cognitive science to shape the design of analytical tools so as to reflect natural thought processes for easier interpretation of visualisations. John is excited about the future of our technology partnerships, which help us to remain at the fore of technological advancements.

I believe that best practice data visualisation is a medium that allows us to set both the mind and the imagination to work and brings data to life.John Coughlan, Principal Consultant – Data Analytics